Long takes are the newest trend in film making! One Take for a very long scene, with not mistakes by the actors or cameraman! You work as a cameraman, and your boss, the director, wants to follow the trend of taking these long takes. Can you maneuver yourself through all the points the camera needs to film? Find out and play One Take!

Winner of Ludum Dare #28

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HOX is a turn-based tactical game. HOX provides a fun single and multiplayer mode. If your friends aren't around, you can also play against the computer instead. Each level is randomly generated, so every level is a new experience! Try to out think your opponents and be the last one standing! HOX is DRM-Free, so share the game with anyone you like after buying the game!

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Combat Time!! is a turn-based-real-time-fighting game where you need to out-think your opponent. Can you predict his movements, and obfuscate your own? Find a friend and find out who is the best at the ultimate fighting game!

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Perpetua is a short puzzle game. You are stuck in this game and there is no way to get out. It's just you, the mysterious guy, and the endless wall behind you. Walking left, walking right, nothing will happen. There is absolutely no way to escape. At least, that's what the mysterious guy is telling you. Will you be able to escape?

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The humans of Earth and the aliens made an agreement. Earth's dirt in trade for the Aliens' science. It was too late before the humans realized that the deal was a big mistake. The Aliens took almost everything, only a little piece of dirt was left. And that dirt was part of your city. You must defend it with everything you got. Don't let them take your dirt!

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