• How I made a game played in Notepad

    By / February 9, 2020

    I made a game called And yet it hurt. You can download it here. You can find the source on Github. It all started in 2017 with a simple question: “What if there was a game in Notepad?” I chuckled to myself at the silly idea. At least that’s what I assume. It has been… Read more

  • Ludum Dare – Keynote 37 – Post Mortem

    By / December 9, 2016

    I made the keynote for Ludum Dare 37! Around January 2016, I asked Mike Kasprzak if I could do a Ludum Dare keynote. Mike said yes and I got to do the keynote for Ludum Dare 36. But as you may know Mike took a break and didn’t host Ludum Dare 36. Also I unfortunately… Read more

  • Lithuania

    By / May 5, 2016

    Lithuania is one of those countries that I sometimes forget even exist. You never hear about anything happening there. But after my visit there, I’ll never forget it. Last week I went to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, to visit my brother who is studying there. Even though I was staying for only 5 days, I decided… Read more

  • The results of Ludum Dare, and future plans

    By / July 1, 2015

    Original date: January 9, 2014 I’m still having trouble with realizing that I won. Yes, I won Ludum Dare 28. It’s crazy, I expected to end high because of all the great feedback I got, but I never expected to win. I didn’t expect to win because my art was not the most beautiful, and… Read more

  • Ludum Dare 28

    By / July 1, 2015

    Original date: December 18, 2013 Man, what a weekend! I knew Ludum Dare is fun, but when you’re making the game, you realise how much fun it really is! The theme was You only get one. I’ve been thinking of a concept idea for over 3 hours. You only get one.. You only get one….. Read more

  • Hello World!

    By / July 1, 2015

    Original date: December 11, 2013 Hey there! Welcome to sheepolution.com. I’ve made some games and will be making a lot of games in the future. My last game HOX appeared in the IndieRoyal bundle, and will be in the BundleBandits bundle soon! I’m really happy you guys are enjoying HOX and you should be happy… Read more

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