Lithuania is one of those countries that I sometimes forget even exist. You never hear about anything happening there. But after my visit there, I’ll never forget it.

Last week I went to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, to visit my brother who is studying there. Even though I was staying for only 5 days, I decided to try to learn some of the language. How to say hello, tell my name, where I’m from. The basics for a simple conversation. I had no idea how to pronounce all that stuff though. On the last day I saw 4 girls enjoying the so far sunny day. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to practice my Lithuanian. I asked them how to pronounce certain words, and they were really helpful. It was fun, I taught them some Dutch phrases, and we just talked a bit.

“We actually have to go to our class”. Ah, too bad. Oh well, it was fun. “Why don’t you come with us? We’re having Lithuanian class right now actually.” Well that was unexpected. Sounds fun, but can I really just walk into a class like that? They texted their teacher. “It’s no problem.” Well sure, let’s go!

And so we walk to class.














We walk into class, and one of the girls presents me “Here he is”. Everyone laughs. Who wouldn’t? A complete stranger from a foreign country is joining the lesson. The teacher and girls have a conversation in Lithuanian (the teacher doesn’t know English). They tell me that after the lesson I can talk a bit about myself. So I sit down, and watch the lesson happen. I didn’t understand anything so the lesson itself wasn’t very helpful to me, but it was still interesting to witness.

The teacher is finished, and it’s my turn. I try to introduce myself in 2 sentences, with all the Lithuanian that I know. Everything else had to be translated by the girls. I told them I make videogames, and the teacher says that I can show my website on the projector. This was just amazing to me. An hour ago I was just walking around, and now here I am, sitting in front of a Lithuanian class, showing my games.


I really want to go back to Lithuania now.

Written by Sheepolution

A game developer from the Netherlands.

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