Ludum Dare – Keynote 37 – Post Mortem

I made the keynote for Ludum Dare 37!

Around January 2016, I asked Mike Kasprzak if I could do a Ludum Dare keynote. Mike said yes and I got to do the keynote for Ludum Dare 36. But as you may know Mike took a break and didn’t host Ludum Dare 36. Also I unfortunately had a vacation planned on that Ludum Dare weekend. Because of these reasons I asked Mike to move my keynote to 37.

As soon as Mike said that I could do a keynote, I started thinking of ideas. It might have been on the same day that I had the idea for a movie trailer. It wasn’t very informative like the previous keynotes, but Mike said I could do whatever I want, so it was cool. I started writing a script, which is still pretty close the final product. One idea that was scrapped was a nemesis. Someone I had to beat or would try to ruin my game. Have a look.

So the idea was written down in February, yet the video was filmed last week. Why wait so long? Well I really wanted my brother to help me with this video. He has a good camera, has knowledge about light and other film-stuff, and he’s good at editing. But he was in Lithuania for like 5 months. So there goes half a year of time. I’m not really sure why we didn’t film it in the summer. I guess I was just being lazy and had the mentality of “We’ll do it another time”. I kept that mentality till last week.

My brother asked me to make a storyboard, which you can see here.

As you can see there were plans to shave my head, so I’d appear even more zen on the rocks. But because of lack of time and because I’d like to have hear on my head this cold winter we didn’t go through with that idea. The rocks I’m sitting on is actually a monument of Jesus Christ.

It’s in the center of town, so I had to take of my shirt, film it, and put my shirt back on before anyone saw me sitting on a Jesus monument half naked with a laptop.

After this my brother had the idea to go to a river to film some more running shots. The sun was at a great angle which got us some nice shots of me running on the bridge for example. You might have noticed that climbing the mountain wasn’t in the storyboard. During filming we saw a pile of dirt, and we decided to use it as if I’m climbing a mountain, and it looked great.

Some quick fun facts:

  • I actually don’t drink coffee.
  • I did Ludum Dare 35 together with Mojosaman. Mojosa is Esperanto for “cool”.
  • Movie Madness is the name of the magazine in my Gold winning game One Take.

  • I can’t actually draw horses and houses that good and fast.
  • The quick-coding shots were of course made with
  • My hand palms forcing themselves on the concrete during the push-up scenes kinda hurt.

Making this keynote was lots of fun. I want to thank Mike for letting me do this, my brother for filming and editing the whole thing, and Mojosaman for playing the friend in the trailer.

Good luck to everyone this weekend! Make sure to do your laptop push-ups!


Written by Sheepolution

A game developer from the Netherlands.

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