Ludum Dare 28

Original date: December 18, 2013

Man, what a weekend! I knew Ludum Dare is fun, but when you’re making the game, you realise how much fun it really is! The theme was You only get one. I’ve been thinking of a concept idea for
over 3 hours. You only get one.. You only get one.. You only get one… One bullet? One ability? As it says on my about page, I aim at making something unique, something innovative. Most ideas that crossed my mind didn’t live up to that. Trying to come up with an original
gameconcept isn’t easy. There is so much that has been done before. Yet, I was able to find it. The idea that I would be using for this Ludum Dare. You only get one take! One take, or long take, is the term for making a really long camera shot,
without any cuts. You will be filming several scenes of completely different movies, with a director telling you what to film. The first moment the idea struck my mind, I didn’t accept it as my final idea. I thought that making it would take me too long. I would have to make all these
moviescenes, and animate them, and a lot more. But after another 15 minutes of 3 hours not being able to come up with a theme, I decided to go with it.

I am not going to write a whole post mortem here, I already did that on the Ludum Dare site, which you can read here. In 20 days the results will be live.
A lot of people enjoyed it, and I’m really happy because of that! It even got an article on! This must be my most populair game so far, and this is only a ‘demo’ as I am going to make a full version of this game. Until then, go to, and play some games! Oh, and here is my game!


Written by Sheepolution

A game developer from the Netherlands.

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